Carter Party

Most of the past weekend we’ve been in Swindon, attending the Carter family party. 

This annual event is a way to catch up with other members of the clan – to see what or who’s new, who’s grown, who’s gone, but more importantly to simply enjoy each other’s company.

However, this year was slightly different in also being a charity fundraiser because my cousin, Claire, is currently fighting a heroic battle against cancer.

It was nice to see so many people helping to raise money, but even nicer to see Claire herself looking so obviously upbeat and well, even in the middle of her chemotherapy.

And she still has more hair than me, damn it! 😉

So time was spent eating cakes, buying raffle tickets and eating more cakes – all of which seemed a very civilised way to spend a Saturday.  We should probably do it more often.  Particularly the cakes.

The girls really got into the swing of things selling raffle tickets, and Millie even had the bright idea of selling chocolates to raise more money! (admittedly, they were chocolates my Dad had won in the raffle, but you had to admire her dedication to the cause!)

I also helped my Uncle Brian get more out of his new Nexus 7 tablet because – without wishing to brag – I know A LOT about Android and Google Apps.

Seriously – it’s a bit tragic, really: only developers or IT journalists know more than me.  They at least have the excuse that it’s a job; for me, it’s a more like an obsessive hobby.

Sadly, I almost never get the opportunity to show off share my hobby, so it was nice to have an appreciative audience in Brian, and to leave him far happier with his purchase than when he arrived.  I even managed to sort his 3G connection. 🙂

I’m wondering whether to write a long post on here introducing people to Android devices and what they can do, because stuff that’s glaringly obvious to me is apparently very much not obvious to new Android arrivals…



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