Holidays are GO!

In 48 hours we’re off on holiday to Ibiza.  And – thanks to the amazing generosity of my wonderful parents – the whole family (almost) are going.

That’s me, the Lovely Melanie, Millie, Amber, my little brother, his wife and their little girl, as well as (obviously) my Mum and Dad.

To say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement.  But my enthusiasm is dwarfed by that of the girls’ like a planet is dwarfed by a star. 😀

The girls have never flown before, and have only left England twice in their lives (both times to Wales).  Remembering my first trip abroad at Millie’s age (8) I can’t wait to see their reactions to flying and to being in Spain.

That’s going to be half the fun for me.

I’ve packed two books, my new swimming trunks and sunglasses – and in my head the holiday goes something like this…

Arrive.  Go to beach.  Sit down with book.

Millie and Amber announce “This is brilliant!  We’re going to play in the sea!” and run off.

“OK” I say, and settle down to read my book, only stopping to swim in that sparkling clear sea once an hour with my wife – who is looking sexy as hell in her new bikini. 😉

Six hours later the girls scamper out of the sea, sun-kissed and tousle-haired, and say “We’re hungry!”

“Hello, beautiful children,” I say, and kiss their wet heads affectionately.

We go for some food, engage in witty dinner conversation with other adults, drink some wine and then sleep.

Repeat till end of holiday…


  1. I could DIE of jealousy! I imagine though that if I were writing a blog about preparing to go to Ibiza, it would sound a little different!

    One thing you absolutely MUST do, is get the g’parents baby sitting one evening and get thyselves down to cafe del mar to listen to some poncey music, watch the sun set and pay ridiculous prices for mojitos. The atmosphere there is beautiful. Every human must experience it. Get there about an hour or two before sun set.



    • Don’t die, Mel (but do start blogging again – I want to hear more about the new place!)

      I only know Cafe Del Mar from their lovely compilation albums, but will definitely see about heading there for an evening, sans children… Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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