The last of the summer…

The girls are back from their last “holiday” of the school holidays – a couple of days at Grandma & Grandad’s in Hatfield, which they seem to have enjoyed very much (certainly they squealed their excitement down the phone at us both nights when they rang!)  They’ve made paper chains (25 links!!), a varnished stick (with tissue paper!) and “Do Not Disturb” signs like those we had in our hotel in Spain.

Bexley Summer Reading ChallengeThey’ve also got their annual medals from the Bexley Summer Reading Challenge for reading a certain number of books during the holidays; these golden discs were proudly displayed to me when I got home from work today, along with the last of the scratch’n’sniff stickers you get each time you go to the library (it was “cake” this time – much nicer than last time’s “magic potion”!).  I made a fuss, but to be honest the girls didn’t do any more reading than usual, they’re inveterate readers anyway – just like their ma and pa.

Nor are they back at school yet.  For some reason school doesn’t start until next Wednesday, so the Lovely Melanie has Monday off work and I have the Tuesday, then it’s all back to the barely controlled panic of the regular school days: getting them awake, dressed, fed, washed and out of the door on time, every time.

I guess we’d better make the most of the next few days!

As usual, I find myself wondering: where did the summer holidays go?  No doubt the girls themselves can barely remember the distant, long-ago days of getting up for school, but for me, it seems to have flown by!  Again.

No doubt Christmas stuff will be appearing in the shops very very soon.

Dirty D by Fuxa
Cover of Dirty D by Fuxa

And on an entirely unconnected point, I bought three new CDs today: La Machine’s Phases & Repetitions, The Orbserver In The Star House by The Orb featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry, and Fuxa‘s Dirty D.

Before opening the cover of that last one I couldn’t decide whether it was a very expensive cover that actually wobbled or just an optical illusion.

The girls were just as confused as me: “Is it moving?” I asked Amber.

“Yes,” she said.  “Er, I mean, no.”

So I asked Millie: “Is it moving?”

“What?  Is what moving?  Um, yes.  Maybe.  No.”

Thanks, girls. 😛

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