The Pixie Tree

Having now lived in Bexley for five years a local secret has been vouchsafed to us: the Pixie Tree!

A cabal of Bexleyans at last judged us “local” enough to be told of the tree, and a mum friend of the Lovely Melanie’s was delegated to reveal this astonishing secret.

Millie with her Laughing Mushroom
Millie with her Laughing Mushroom

I almost certainly shouldn’t be telling you this – and if there are no further entries here then you’ll know what has happened – but the Pixie Tree is located in Bexley Park Wood behind our house.

It’s a tree surrounded by loads of old tat inhabited by magical creatures who love old tat shiny treasure, and legend has it that local people have appeased them for hundreds of years by surrounding the Pixie Tree with old tat beautiful offerings.

Amber with her Mystical Spinning Thing
Amber with her Mystical Spinning Thing

Amber, Millie and I went to Poundworld delved into our treasure trove to make our own offering at the Pixie Tree, adding a potent Laughing Mushroom made of concrete and a supernatural Whirly Thing made of plastic.

I trust the inhabitants of the Pixie Tree will be pleased with our Poundland tat mystical offerings!

Actually, for all my cynicism, the Pixie Tree is rather sweet – the girls certainly loved it.  Plus, the fact that it’s not been vandalised and has apparently been “a thing” in the woods for some years now has definitely raised my opinion of our neighbourhood. 🙂


One thought on “The Pixie Tree

  1. nonsense girl September 6, 2013 / 1:35 am

    The pixie tree of Bexley reminds me of one of episodes of Derren Brown’s show the Experiments about the lucky dog statue in the park – how he spreads a rumour that this dog is lucky and gets an entire village to bet their life savings based on that rumour. Fascinating –

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