Much like the British weather, having children in the house can be unpredictable.

Yesterday, for example, was a Wednesday – my day for working from home (thus saving the expense of after-school club).  I pick the girls up from school and they play together until the Lovely Melanie gets home, while I continue working.

At least, that’s the plan.

What usually happens is they’re either cheerful and hyper or weary and explosive: either condition is less than ideal if you’re trying to work. And especially when there’s a shortage of patience (as there inexplicably is on Wednesdays).  Some days I can sit back and contemplate the mounting chaos like a Zen Monk; but Wednesdays… LOOK, I JUST CAN’T, ALL RIGHT?!  JEEZ!!


For a change, yesterday was Amber’s turn to be fractious, unhelpful and trying, and in the end I found myself yelling at her to (ironically) calm the hell down and stop crying, otherwise we’d be hitting DISCON 2 (the second highest Discipline Condition: Confiscation – where Dolly is taken away) all too quickly.

She snivelled briefly, but quieted down, allowing me to get back to work.

Ten minutes later she shuffled into the dining room where I was working and handed me a little hand-made card say “Sory Daddy, lots of love from Amber”.

So we had a hug and both apologised. 🙂

Just for the record, here are those DISCON stages in full:

DISCON 5 – No punishment; everyone is playing nicely together.

DISCON 4 – Mild rebuke: “Millie/Amber, don’t do that, please.”

DISCON 3 – Severe rebuke: “Stop that right now or you will go to your room!”

DISCON 2 – Confiscation: “Right, I am taking Dolly away!”

DISCON 1 – Incarceration: locked in room and completely ignored (reserved for uncontrollable tantrums)


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