Make Your Daddy Pizza Day

Sunday was declared “Make Your Daddy Pizza Day” in our house.  Hurrah!

And, knowing my love of a good pizza (i.e., not Domino’s or Pizza Hut), the girls made the dough themselves, providing the delicious, crisp, almost biscuity base that is my expectation of a really top-notch pizza.  Well done, girls!

They may have a had a little help from the Lovely Melanie, who helped them to make some delicious jam tarts, too.  But almost certainly the girls did the majority of the pizza work – all the difficult stuff like the, er… idea.

It was a very good idea though, as proven by every single slice of pizza being gobbled up within minutes of leaving the oven!  We should definitely celebrate Make Your Daddy Pizza Day more often.

Post-pizza, we went to visit Chislehurst Caves.  The Lovely Melanie and Amber hadn’t been before on account of Amber being too young when Millie and I went previously) .  It’s only half an hour on the bus, which surprised me, and we met with a large group of friends who hadn’t been either.

Millie, friendly soul that she is, immediately latched onto Julie, who is French and – despite her excellent English – couldn’t understand a word Millie was saying (Millie does get excited and talk too quickly and without a lot of sentence structure at times).  They held hands all through the caves but apparently neither could understand what the other was saying! 🙂

C’est la vie!


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