Top reading group

I’m going to brag about my children a little in this post.  Those of a non-parental disposition might want to…I don’t know, go and browse the Ikea catalogue or something.  Whatever non-parenting grownups do.

Go on, off you go – we won’t be long here.

Anyway, so, Millie’s been promoted to the top reading group in her class – the one where the really smart kids go.

Books books books!As always, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise when you remember that her parents are both writers/editors with a deep love of reading and books.  Millie has grown up surrounded by books – hell, one wall of our dining room is stacked right to the ceiling with them!

And let’s not forget: the Lovely Melanie helped both Millie and Amber to unlock the magic stored in all those pages – spending hours, days and weeks reading them stories as well as patiently unveiling the secrets of how to read.

Me?  I read in front of them a lot and occasionally write books for them.  The lion’s share of the credit isn’t mine.

However, I still remember a dark night early in June 2005; the Lovely Melanie’s waters had broken after just 23 weeks of pregnancy and at Lewisham Hospital a low-voiced doctor was giving us odds of Millie surviving at less than 50:50, and warning that if she beat those the odds of serious developmental problems were equally high.

And just look at her now. 🙂


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