Chicks fix bricks for kicks

Crikey, it’s been a week since the last post.  Stuff’s been happening but it’s either been not-interesting-stuff or stuff-I-can’t-talk-about-here.

Which isn’t as salacious as it might sound, sadly.

In that week I did manage to fix a broken tablet.

Yeah, yeah, nerd alert, I know.  How about, since the large majority of people come here to read about Millie and Amber, I make it more interesting by replacing “me” with “Millie and Amber”?

Let’s see how it goes.

Because we’ve bought one of the new Nexus 7 (2013) tablets our last year’s model is now for sale on eBay and needs all its data wiping, otherwise an unscrupulous buyer could go checking our email, photos and personal details.  Which is bad.

With that in mind Millie and Amber decided to wipe the tablet clean.

Unfortunately, Millie and Amber got a bit carried away and managed to wipe the OS (the operating system – Android) and the bootloader (yeah, I know – kids, eh??)

Now, Millie and Amber have upgraded the tablet OS before: they’ve installed different OS’s and rooted the tablet, too.  What Millie and Amber hadn’t done before is actually manage to break the OS and the bootloader (the bootloader lets you fix and update the OS – it looks techie and scary but isn’t really).

By really really wiping the tablet they effectively turned it into a brick – hence the tech term “bricking” – turning a device from a working computer into an inert piece of plastic, glass and silicon.

Millie and Amber were genuinely concerned that they’d properly bricked the tablet this time – that it was actually dead forever.

Fortunately, Millie and Amber found some smart software online, but also a clever way to load the smart software onto the dead tablet and then run it.  They had to buy an OTG connector from eBay, but once that arrived (and following some tense experimentation) the tablet was back up and running as good as new again.

It was genuinely quite an impressive feat – well done, Millie and Amber!

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