We are good parents – official!

Following last night’s parents’ evening at Hurst Primary it’s been officially confirmed that the Lovely Melanie and I are Good Parents.

Parents' evening
Artist’s impression of parents’ evening

Our parenting skills and techniques were not once called into question; in fact, they were actively smiled upon by both teachers.  The way we’re helping and encouraging the girls to learn received top marks.  OK, so, they didn’t actually say that, but reading between the lines it’s obvious they meant: you are great parents!

And the girls got good reports, too, but again, that’s mainly down to our hard work in raising them and…


Yeah yeah yeah, good reports.  Fine.  Meanwhile…

Sigh.  What?

Yes, look, their reports were very good.  Anyway…

What do you mean, more detail?  OK, OK!  More detail!

Millie continues to do extremely well in reading and writing.  Slightly worrying was the news of her now being in the lowest group for Maths (she was in the middle group before), but her teacher explained that she’s between a rock and a hard place here, being a bit too clever for the bottom group but struggling a little in the middle group.  An assessment we tend to agree with.

Millie was also very attached to her teacher in year 3, which might have made the transition to year 4 a bit harder than previously, but no, the transfer has gone smoothly and Millie seems very happy in her new class. 🙂

Our meeting with Amber’s teacher was slightly more interesting in that we weren’t sure what to expect.  Amber’s a very smart cookie, but with something of a rebellious streak in her.

Which side would be most prominent…?

We needn’t have worried.  Amber’s occasionally a bit loud but is doing really well, particularly with her language skills, but also in numbers and other areas.

Both girls got a big hug and a shiny gold coin in their money boxes!


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