International Evening of Culture!

Who doesn’t love a bit of culture?  Last night myself and old friend Dr Skey embarked on an eclectic cultural tour, to say the least.

Pervert's Guide to IdeologyStarting at Stratford Picture House we went to see a new film featuring the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, who I saw speak live a couple of years ago.  The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology was showing in Stratford’s cultural quarter (or cultural eighth, as we rechristened it), complete with a live Q&A with Slavoj broadcast afterwards from Brixton.

We didn’t stay for that.  In fact, we left before the end of the film.  It wasn’t bad, but simply collecting a lot of individually interesting ideas with no overarching theme or development doesn’t make for a good film.  A good lecture or discussion, yes.  Film, no.

We needed to leave before the end to catch a set by Chile’s Holydrug Couple who were playing up the road at The Victoria in that “hipster” Dalston (I don’t like leaving films before the end, but Pervert’s Guide was going on too long).

I can only imagine what the Holydrug Couple made of Dalston and the Vic – a welcoming but slightly run-down traditional boozer in one of London’s more interesting parts.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the sort of pub I love, but coming from Chile direct to Dalston…?

Anyway, the Holydrug Couple played an awesome set of squalling psych-rock to a busy backroom.  On record the Holydrug Couple are quite noodle-y, but live they had a massive pulsating sound – hard to believe it was being made by only three guys!

And we finished the night with a discussion of the naqib.  Dr Mike is a university lecturer in Sociology so it was interesting to hear his opinions on this contentious issue (neither of us like it, but it’s a tricky issue for us leftie Guardian-reading liberals).

And then the Overground did a massive FAIL so I missed the last train home and had to pay for a taxi.

And the taxi driver took a wrong turn, so I ended up walking through the woods behind our house at midnight with only the torch on my phone to guide me.

Damn, it was pitch black.

And then I got the fright of my life when two voices suddenly addressed me from the blackness – “All right, mate?”  “That torch bright enough for you?”

For whatever reason, two geezers had chosen to have a cigarette in the middle of Bexley Park Wood at midnight!

Bexley – it’s a weird place after dark!


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