Remember this

Wish I’d had one of those new waterproof mobile phones at the swimming pool yesterday (well, I wish I had one of those new waterproof phones anyway but particularly at the pool yesterday!)

I wrote before about how watching my children swimming is better than any prescribed antidepressant, but playing and laughing in the pool for two hours yesterday there was a moment when I thought: Remember this, Stu.  Concentrate on this moment; fix it in your memory and think of it next time you feel sad or think “What’s the point?”

It wasn’t any great classical tableaux: both girls were laughing their heads off sat on two big round floats in the middle of the pool.  Millie had discovered that if you jumped onto them from the side you’d go skidding across the pool – and the expression on her face each time she tried this was pure joy.

Remember this, I thought to myself; and try to enjoy these moments as much as they do.


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