Not the weekend we planned but none the worse for that

Following the exciting revelations about our new cupboard/TV unit comes the news that the past weekend was a bit of a non-starter.

The Lovely Melanie was supposed to be going out Friday night, but didn’t; and I was supposed to be going to a party and a gig on Saturday night, but didn’t – due to rain, replacement bus services and just…tiredness.

Saturday morning we did make it out for a family walk, discovering a Shuttle Riverway path from our house down to Sidcup.  Sidcup is just five minutes on the bus, but walking through woods, across wide-open green spaces and alongside the River Shuttle it took us the best part of two hours.

At times it felt like much longer as first Millie and then Amber whinged, complained and cried about being hungry, being tired and wanting to be carried.  Eventually, it was only the discovery of chestnut trees along the way (with the revelation that we could collect the chestnuts for cooking and eating at home) that shut them both up.


Sunday, Amber was invited to a bowling party by a boy in her class.

That’s right: five-year-old Amber was invited to a bowling party.

There was confusion all round as the invitation came at the last minute, the child’s mother didn’t answer any calls or texts and the bowling alley denied even the possibility of a birthday party taking place that day.

Still, the Lovely Melanie took Amber along (not wanting to appear rude) while Millie and I went swimming.

As the only girl from her class and the only one who had never bowled before I wouldn’t have dared put money on Amber topping the scores – she could barely even hold the ball.

The Jesus
The Jesus

But I should have, because surrounded by older boys bragging about their remarkable bowling prowess and experience, Amber (who is only five, remember) scored 90 and 77 to come joint first!  Her very first ball netted her a strike!

So, for the rest of the day we called her The Jesus, after the John Turturro character from one of my very favourite films, The Big Lebowski. 🙂


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