Yesterday; I’m saying good night to Millie before going to the cinema…

MILLIE: Where are you going tonight?

ME: To the cinema with Uncle Si and Uncle Nik.

MILLIE: What are you going to see?

ME: Er…a film called Filth.

MILLIE: What is it about?

ME: It’s, um, about, er…a bad policeman.

MILLIE: How are they bad?

ME: Damn.  Um, well, he is, um, well, um, he’s…  Look, I’ll tell you in the morning, OK?  Yes, that’s it!  I’ll tell you in the morning.  Night-night.

And I run away before there are more awkward questions.

Filth film posterFunny thing about Filth, it’s the first film in the history of Tuesday Night Peckham Cinema Club that defeated our attempts to give it a rating out of ten.

Tuesday Night Peckham Cinema Club is never actually called that, doesn’t always take place on a Tuesday and isn’t exclusive to the Peckham Premier.  The only real constants are myself and the previously mentioned “Uncle” Si and “Uncle” Nik going to the cinema during the week.

But we’ve been going for years now and it’s become something of a thing.  I love doing it because we’re all different (Nik “The Cynic”, Si “The Optimist” and me “The Middleman”) and even if the film is terrible (and we’ve seen some stinkers) then we still have a lot of fun poking fun and ripping it to shreds.

Also, the guy at Premier knows us by now, calls us the Three Musketeers and chats about what’s good, what’s bad and what he recommends – which is nice, it’s a much more human experience than at the multiplex.  Peckham’s not the nicest cinema I’ve ever been to – there’s always a slushie which is inexplicably meat-coloured, it has an unusual smell and the carpets are a bit sticky – but that’s a big part of the charm.

That and it only being four quid on a Tuesday. 😉

But back to Filth.  It’s not a bad film in the usual sense – James McAvoy, in particular, is fantastic as Bruce Robertson – and it’s funny, surprising, horrifying and hard to watch (pretty much in that order).

It’s just… It’s confusing in its whirlwind mix of humour, surprise, horror and intensity.  All three of us came out scratching our heads and eventually gave it a middling five out of ten, which seems a little harsh because there were parts deserving of nine out of ten, and no part was bad

As I say – the first film to ever defeat our rating system.


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