New job! New job! New job!

I’ve been offered a new job – which I’ve accepted!  Yay!

All the real excitement happened on Friday but I’ve delayed announcing it here while negotiating a shortened notice period at Expedia.

My new employer, from November 11th (coincidentally my 13th wedding anniversary, which I hope is a good omen) will be a photostock company called Fotolia.  I’ll be their new Content Strategist/Copywriter.

As well as (slightly) more money and a week’s training in Paris it’s also a return to something I’m good at and really enjoy doing – writing.

Most people who know me will be aware that I’ve been unhappy at Expedia since the job spontaneously morphed into a data entry role with no writing or creativity required.

I didn’t write about this because…well, online whining doesn’t make for a very edifying or entertaining read, and because I’m a grown-up and a professional.  Instead I took the decision to go back on antidepressants, which really helped.

And five months later I have an exciting new job – the result of spending many many hours searching and applying, getting slowly better at interviews, and then waiting on tenterhooks to hear back.

It’s been a hell of a rollercoaster ride – finding a great job and getting your hopes up, then being turned down and losing all confidence that you’re any good whatsoever at what you do, knowing that you have to get straight back out there and sell yourself all over again for the next great job…

I’m really really hoping that this one is as good as it sounds.

And as permanent!


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