I’ve never seen two small people so excited about Halloween.

Returning from grandma and granddad’s yesterday, they came running through the door, slowing briefly to take their shoes off and kiss me, before zooming off to see all of the Halloween decorations the Lovely Melanie had put up the night before.

Trick-or-treat outfits were decided way back in June (Devil and Ghost) and Millie’s last words before I left for work this morning were “I can’t wait to go trick-or-treating tonight!”

Halloween pumpkin

The Lovely Melanie has cooked spooky cakes and biscuits and they’re all going to a Halloween-themed birthday party in the village this afternoon (that of Abigail – five-year-old daughter of the other Bexley Carters, from just round the corner).

I’m taking them trick-or-treating tonight and carved a pumpkin yesterday; I was working from home and, since I’m serving out my notice at Expedia, had a very “coasty” day so was able to take my time.  Here’s the result.

Trick-or-treating is going to be fun – I’ll be simultaneously working on the BLISS helpline, so if tonight you encounter a frightful ghoul offering calming words of sympathy and advice…that’s probably me!


  1. Halloween is an ace day to be born on that’s for sure. And the older izzy gets the more I can’t wit to celebrate my birthday with her in proper Halloween style !
    Many thanks for the pressie too xxx
    Over and out from the good witch auntie Carla ! X

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