A passion for mashin’

You know your horizons are shrinking when your Christmas List includes “A nice potato masher – sturdy and made of metal”.

potato masherThere’s also wine, chocolate, some books, CDs and computer games.

“Are you sure you don’t want to think about this some more?” asked the Lovely Melanie.

Well, I could add a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a long weekend in the Highlands of Scotland, a trip to see the Northern Lights, a hexacopter with built-in camera and a ride on Virgin Galactic.

But they’re not things that anyone is ever actually going to buy.

I’m already gobsmacked by the gifts being advertised on TV – laptops, smartphones, Xboxes, monstrous TVs; seriously, who has that much money to spend at Christmas??

I’m already brainstorming my present for the girls – the storybook I write and illustrate for them each year.  In monetary terms these are worthless, but the amount of thought, work and love that goes into every single one is considerable.


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