Fictional Bears

The girls make me walk in front of them through the woods on the way to school now, that way I scoop all of the spider webs out of their path.  But there haven’t been any lately (well, it is late autumn…)

AMBER: Where have all the spiders gone?

ME: Well, it’s a lot colder and wetter now so there aren’t many about any more.

MILLIE: Why not?

ME: It’s too cold and wet for them.  They’re either hibernating for the winter or they die.

MILLIE: What other animals hibernate?

Fictional bears
File next to “Dragons” “Fairies” and “UFOs”

ME: Squirrels.  Hedgehogs.  Bears.

MILLIE: Not bears – they’re not real.

ME: ..What did you just say?

MILLIE: Bears aren’t real.

ME: Um, no, they are, I can assure you; bears are definitely real.


(I stare at Millie)

MILLIE: What??

ME: I love you, but you are peculiar sometimes.


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