Bear with…bear with…

OK, mad dash through the past few days:

Friday – finished work at Expedia; sorry to say goodbye to everyone there and still nervous about new job.

Friday night – fireworks at Hurst Primary!  Millie’s friend Ajay, and his mum, Danny, came round, so did the other Bexley Carters, Phil and Amber’s friend, Abigail.  I like Hurst’s fireworks – they tell you exactly what time they’ll start and don’t mess about; you can go, see the fireworks and be home within about 35 minutes.  Result.

Saturday – I take the girls shopping, we have far more fun than you’d ever expect going round Sainsburys.

Saturday night – my parents come to stay; the Lovely Melanie and I go to the Union Chapel to see her favourite singer, Jim Moray.  First half is so-so, second half (after a couple of wines) is brilliant.  Seriously, it was brilliant. 🙂

Carters in Joydens WoodSunday – we all go for a walk in Joydens Wood, discovering some new parts we’ve never before seen, including a heath and picnic area, not to mention carvings of a Hawker Hurricane, a Roman soldier and a Saxon warrior.  We collect lots of chestnuts and roast them when we get home.  They taste disappointingly like potatoes.

I finally upload some pictures of the girls at Halloween.

Monday – I start new job, meeting my new boss and new colleagues at a private members club on Shaftesbury Avenue.  We chat for a few hours about the company and the job, are given very nice new laptops and tickets for the Eurostar tomorrow, and sent home to prepare.

I am liking this new job already and feel much less nervous about Paris.  Then discover I have to catch a 6am train tomorrow, which is not as good.  But four days in Paris should more than make up for it.

Oh, and it is our wedding anniversary today. The Lovely Melanie and I have been married 13 years.  My goodness! 🙂



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