How to kill a blog

New jobs are notorious blog-productivity killers.  Many times in the past few days I’ve thought “I should blog about this,” then remembered that of more importance is the text for a promo video, the FAQ web page and checking a job description for error – not to mention writing the girls’ Christmas book (which looks like being quite long this year).

Oh, another problem was that I was out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening – a burst of social activity almost unheard of in modern times!  Meeting up with old Yahoo! colleagues on Monday at a pub quiz in London’s fashionable Soho (and we won!); watching Gravity at the cinema in 3D on Tuesday (best film I’ve seen in a long time!); and Wednesday I went to watch Public Service Broadcasting in London’s not-so-fashionable Kentish Town (there were balloons – lots and lots of balloons!)

Thursday, as you might imagine, I rested – well, took a nap in my lunch hour (working from home is great sometimes!)

21st century home office
21st century home office

The new job with Fotolia is going really well; the work is enjoyable, the people nice, and I’m feeling happier than I have in a long time.  Have my family noticed the difference?  Hard to say, but I certainly have: I’ve had more patience and been a lot quicker to laugh all this week.  Even the enforced home working is going better than expected.  With no rush to catch a train there’s no panic in the mornings; I can pick up the girls at 3.15 so there’s no need for after-school club – hell, even the chickens get to come out of the coop more often!

And the writing… Oh!  The glory of writing for a living once again!  I can’t tell you how much I missed it!

Seriously.  It’s so good to be back.  A little nerve-wracking at times, wondering if I’m up to the task, but mostly…just glorious. 🙂

The only downside so far is that I’ve lost my reading time.  The hour-long commute into the centre and back was perfect for reading; with that two hours of literary bliss gone I’m struggling to find the time to read.

Still, it’s only the first week, and I’ve been out a lot in the evenings, so no doubt this will settle down into some new pattern.

I’m going to be at home until the new year, when more UK people will be starting, so the company will wait till then before renting offices.

Being home until Christmas sounds fine to me.  But I’d quite like to get out of the house after then…


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