Millie’s writing

Other parents might glow with pride when their kids are picked for the school football or netball team, but as a writer and a bit of a nerd, this page made me proud of our Millie today (click on the pic to see a legible version).

Millie school workIt’s a piece of school work in which she was asked to create descriptive sentences from just a couple of initial words.

The Lovely Melanie showed me this because she was so pleased, too (she’s a nerdy editor, remember).  I read through it and was amazed.

Millie, I’m told, sometimes has to be stopped from writing too much.  At age eight. 🙂

If writing was a sport then imagine me now, on the sidelines shouting myself hoarse and punching the air.

Like father, like daughter – this is what makes me proud. 🙂


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