The decorations are up!!

It being the first day of December yesterday, our Christmas decorations went up.

It being the day the Christmas decorations went up yesterday, Amber’s adrenaline levels were up.

It being a day Amber’s adrenalin levels were up, everyone else was up.  Inevitably.

Decorating the treeShe did try and contain herself, bless her, but just couldn’t.  There was no nagging and no pestering, but she was a crackling little ball of electricity from the moment she awoke to the moment the decorations were completed.

She bounced around the house, chatter-chatter-chattering about nothing and everything, until everyone in the house was good-naturedly saying “Shut up, Amber!”

Once the decorations were up she kept touching the chocolates on the tree and saying “Can I have one?”


“Not even one?”

“Shut up, Amber!”

They started the advent calendar, too, obviously, and I’ve caught Millie four times counting the numbers to see who gets number 24.  I explained that because we have an even number of children whoever starts the calendar will, it being an odd number, finish on an odd number; whoever goes second will, it being an even number, finish on an odd number – the number 24.

But I’m wasting my breath. 🙂

Work continues to go well, but is very busy.  I even had to write over the weekend to meet a deadline!

Hopefully this will calm down a little, as I have a Christmas story still to write…


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