Eight Minutes Later

Tuesday night I took a train to Swindon to see two new bands play – Eight Minutes Later, my brother’s band, and The King In Mirrors, my good friend Rich May’s latest project.

It was a surprise visit – I was invited, but no one seriously expected me to visit Swindon on a cold Tuesday night in December.

Eight Minutes Later at the Vic in SwindonWhich only made it all the nicer to see the surprise and happiness on the faces of family and friends when I turned up.  My mum, in particular, said how glad she was to see me there, but seeing my dad smiling was also a real pleasure.

The gig was a fund-raiser in support of Cardiac Risk in the Young, the charity researching into sudden deaths in younger people – such as Trev – and I later heard they raised almost £400; not bad for a cold Tuesday night in Swindon!  Well done, guys – IWTWHW.

Also not bad for a cold Tuesday night in Swindon were both the bands.  It was the first time I’ve seen Eight Minutes Later play, and despite some initial reservations about their choice of genre (some sort of metal, I think you’d call it) they were pretty good.  Actually, they were very good, putting on a proper show with plenty of good-natured banter and some blistering tunes.

I managed to make it to Swindon all thanks to the new job: I could afford the train fare, but also stay the night in Swindon and catch a lunchtime train back next day, working at my parents in the morning and on the train back.  In fact, the only bad thing about the new job is that I can’t quite believe my luck in landing it: half of me is expecting them to turn around and hand me my P45 at any moment.

You may laugh, but it’s happened before.

Working at home is still going well for me; it’s nice to see the girls just after school and hear about their day.  It used to be I was lucky to get home before they were in bed, and if I did manage to see them awake they were usually too tired to discuss their day.


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