Reading and writing and Amber

Amber’s really really taken to reading and writing, and now she’s confident enough to do both on her own there’s no stopping her.

She particularly enjoys the whole process of writing cards and envelopes, as well as making little messages to send to people (we got one yesterday saying “Dear Mummy and Daddy I hope you have a very nice Christmas, love from Amber xxx”).

Amber's Christmas cards

Millie prefers to simply give you a hug and say it; Amber’s a bit more stiff-upper-lip and formal.  But both methods have their charms – such as finding this pile of cards and envelopes on the kitchen counter, all written, stamped and ready to go.

Note the card for Trev, too.  Gone but far from forgotten, little brother. 🙂

But it’s not just cards, it’s lists, too.

Wandering out of the bedroom just this morning I caught Amber sat up in bed in the dark wearing her “I’m-not-doing-anything-move-along-move-along” expression.

“What are you doing, Little Doob?” I asked.

She looked a bit sheepish, but there was a book open in front of her.

“Are you reading?  In the dark?  Don’t read in the dark, silly, you’ll strain your eyes.”

“No!  I’m not reading, I’m making a list of all of the fairies in my notebook,” (Amber is a bit obsessed with the Rainbow Fairies series at the moment).  And she ran through her list of the fairies, noting that today she was only doing the Rainbow Fairies – the Weather Fairies would have to wait until tomorrow.

“Oh.  Right.”  I said.  “Well, turn the lights on or open the curtains and it’ll be a lot easier.”


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