To shine or not to shine…

We went to see Amber’s school nativity play today, which was fun.  She didn’t have a big part in it, in fact, like all of Year One, she was simply part of the choir.

But it was fun just to watch her sing.  And fidget.  And yawn.  And scratch.  And keep turning round to watch the play, even though she must have seen it a dozen times now.

Millie’s play is next week, but we’ve discovered another interesting difference between our two girls:

Millie told her teacher she didn’t want a big part in their Christmas play.

Amber would kill for a big part in their Christmas play.

When asked what she wanted to be in the play Millie asked for a non-speaking part – she just didn’t want the limelight.  Her smaller, louder sister, on the other hand, would happily do a one-girl-show given half a chance.


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