Old tech, new tech, paper tech!

The girls have been copying their old Dad again.

I have a slim, white, touchscreen Samsung 915s laptop running Windows 8 for work.  It’s very nice – exactly what I would have chosen, actually (except…probably a more powerful processor…)

And the girls have now got their own versions, albeit made of paper.

They’ve folded sheets A3 in half and drawn screens and keyboards on them.  Millie’s coloured hers in pink and even attempted to add a DVD drive and headphones to hers, using a box and some string.

Controversially, Amber has gone for an alphabetical keyboard layout rather than the traditional QWERTY.

It’s the kind of thing I remember doing with Trev when we were little – except laptops didn’t didn’t exist then.  Instead, we’d draw spaceship control panels onto a piece of paper – filled with buttons for “Rockets”, “Lasers”, “Shuttlecraft”, “Sensors”, etc.  These would be stuck onto the headboards of our beds and huge adventures would ensue, barreling around the cosmos in our space beds – until someone downstairs would shut “Will you two go to sleep!  It’s nine o’clock!”

Nice to see paper tech has moved on a bit since those days. 🙂


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