Traditional Christmas

The decorations may have been up for two weeks and Christmas ads on the TV for two months, but yesterday was was the moment I began to feel properly Christmassy.

We paid another visit to Red House, which was the home of William Morris back in the 19th century.  They were doing some traditional Mummers plays and Morris Dancing, but the house was also decorated in very old-fashioned Christmas style.

It was very different to the modern style.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a well-hung Christmas light combined with some silver and gold tinsel – I’ll even allow a bit of gaudy purple tinsel if occasion demands (I’m not a complete decoration fascist!)

Christmas at Red HouseBut the traditional decorations were a lot more subdued and had a more natural palette.  And the smell of it… 🙂

Modern Christmas decorations have a plastic smell which is nevertheless quite nostalgic for me (you seldom smell that particular polycarbon chain at any other time of year), but the Red House tree was hung with cinnamon sticks and dried slices of orange, while the tinsel was popcorn threaded on cotton.

There were huge bunches of lavender and barley (I think) hanging from the ceiling, as well as window displays of holly, pine cones and other evergreens.

It all looked and smelt beautiful!

And the Mummers Play and Morris Dancing were…chaotic but fun, making both players and audience smile, followed by a rousing chorus of We Wish You A Merry Christmas which was what tipped me over the edge into full-on Christmas mode.

Only nine more sleeps to go! 😀

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