Christmas 2013

Christmas!  It’s brilliant, in’t it?

Today’s the day after Boxing Day; I’m sorting out our photos ready to upload some, but first I wanted to thank some people…

At the home of Rich & Helen
Conny, Stu, Rich, Helen and I

Thanks to all the people who we saw on the 21st in Swindon, for the big meal at the Manor Farm followed by a bigger party at the welcoming home of Rich & Helen May.

There were moustaches and wigs involved, that’s all I’m saying…

Nevertheless, I woke next day feeling super-Christmassy.  Extra-special thanks to Rich & Carla for putting us up in their beautiful new home, even though we were very drunk – we really need to work on our sense of direction, however, having gotten very lost on the edge of the dark and muddy countryside for what felt like rather a long time.

Rich was even drunker – he got separated from us and texted asking for assistance, saying “I’m in the middle of a stream,” before turning up at home ten minutes later as dry as a bone.

Thanks to my Mum & Dad, who babysat for the girls and their cousin, Izzy, then let us borrow their car to get back to London, then drove up in the other car on Christmas Eve, to stay Christmas Day.  We were so glad you did – it wouldn’t have been the same otherwise. 😀

Yesterday, we had the in-laws, Pam, Dave and Auntie Kris, round; which was lovely, too.

It’s all been just lovely – and that’s without including the presents, which ramped the whole thing up to “Wonderful”.  I got books a-plenty, CDs, and a fab t-shirt.

Coin Bank
My Coin Bank

But my favourite present was the “coin bank” my dad made for me.

I got the idea from Kickstarter, but thought he could probably make one for a lot less than they’re charging.  And I was right – it’s a thing of great beauty, made from the remains of Trev and Conny’s blinds (which is an added bonus) 😉

Today Auntie Kris has stayed over, so she’s mostly looking after the kids.

The Lovely Melanie and I have been to Bexleyheath and bought a new mattress made of Memory Foam.  Springs were sticking out of the old one and it had peaks and troughs like the Himalayas.

Looking forward to a really good night’s sleep later…

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