Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattresses – OMG – who knew?  They’re amazing!!

Admittedly, our old mattress was…well, old, but I had no idea how “old” until we got a new Memory Foam one a couple of days ago.

Memory Foam is just ace!  No ridge in the middle, no springs poking me in the arse every morning, wonderfully soft but still somehow firm – it’s like sleeping on a very large cake.

Better still, it seems the sore hip I’ve had for almost six months was caused by the saggy old mattress; not, as my GP told me, because “you’re just getting older”.

The only person who doesn’t like the new mattress is Millie.

Memory Foam, it turns out, is useless for bouncing on. 😛

One comment

  1. I had one briefly when living in Paris and i likened it to sleeping on a cloud! And a little bit like playdoh! Amazing. In London however, i am back to sleeping on your old bed it would seem. Not literally, that would be a bit weird.

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