Life, the universe and everything

Today, I am officially the answer to life, the universe and everything – which is to say, I am 42. 🙂

Chocolate Rice Krispie cake

I was woken up at 6.35 by small children whispering and shuffling outside the bedroom door, before knocking and charging in laden with cards and a crown!

I nearly suggested that the very best birthday present would be half an hour longer in bed, but they were both so excited I didn’t have the heart.

Tsk, going soft. 😉

Thanks to everyone for all the presents and cards – and to my wife for the birthday cake, a massive chocolate rice krispie cake with chocolate on top (it’s what I asked for – a massive chocolate rice krispie cake…mmm…).

My birthday crownAnd what wisdom can I share with you from my 42 years of accumulated wisdom?

Well, you don’t have to get more right-wing or religious as you get older, and, um, you should be excellent to everyone.



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