The girls have never had bubbles in their bath before – not since Millie came out in an itchy rash after using bubble bath when she was very small.

Since that terrible day there’s been a general downer on frothy bath products of any description.  Millie gets a bit funny if you even mention bubble bath; which is a shame, because I remember baths with bubbles being ace!

Poor Amber has never had a bubble bath!

Well, yesterday I pushed for the addition of some Matey we’d been given to the girls’ bath – pointing out that it was hypoallergenic and promising that, at the slightest sign of any irritation or rash, I would scoop both girls out of the bath, hose them down with bleach and smother them with cream.

Matey bubble bathThere were actual tears from Millie, as though I was threatening to add acid, not bubbles, to her bath.

The Lovely Melanie shook her head darkly, convinced that no good would come of it.

“Trust me,” I said, using my slow and soothing Dad voice, “it’s hypoallergenic, which means it won’t make you itchy.  I wouldn’t be trying this if I thought you wouldn’t like it.”

The girls sniffed the bubble bath and agreed it smelt delicious; but when they saw the bath fill with pristine white bubbles they both totally lost their s**t!  I had to hold them back from climbing in before the bath was full and stop them scooping all the bubbles out before they even got in!

There were bubble dresses, bubble crowns, bubble gloves, bubble beards, bubble hairstyles, bubble earrings, bubble pants, bubble necklaces – bubble everything!

And nobody was the least bit itchy this morning.


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