Part-time blogger

Much as I hate to admit it, this blog is becoming a weekend affair.

Weekdays at the moment I’m often working till seven – writing blog and stuff for a living.  Inexplicably, the thought of then sitting down and writing more blog is not that attractive.

Perhaps I only have a certain number of words inside me per day.

More likely is that fact that not very much happens to me at home alone.

By the way, I end up working until seven for two reasons.

Firstly, I produce my best daily work after a loooong warm-up.

All the good stuff?  Usually written after three PM.

Secondly, working at home is more laidback.  That 11-hour working day isn’t solid gold content production; it’s punctuated with Facebook, reading the paper, having a nap, going for a swim, checking my emails, playing on my phone, etc.

A proper office is now strongly forecast for March, which may be a shock to the system – unless we get one of those really cool Google-style offices full of toys creative enhancers and stuff.  There will only be two of us there most of the time, so fingers crossed we can keep the laidback, creative vibe going… 🙂


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