Small Press

Determined by Millie CarterMillie’s written a book, and both girls are downstairs at the moment making their own colouring books.  We’re a regular small press here (pun intended!)

Determined, Millie’s book, draws heavily from the Percy Jackson series of books, which she’s devouring at the moment (to be fair, so was Millie & Amber and the Lobster King!)

It also suffers slightly from imagination speed > writing speed – a problem I had before I learned to type really bloody fast.

But Determined has some nice word choices, and the drawings are very good, too.  Not to mention that it was all done in her own time and with no encouragement from us (well, other than me being a writer and the Lovely Melanie being an editor!)

I’m hoping we can encourage Millie’s vocabulary some more, but she’s already doing pretty well by herself.  Yesterday she surprised us, becoming super-excited about a new duvet cover, and describing it as “vibrant”.  Not a word I’d have used when I was eight years old.



  1. Why don’t you give us a peek at some of the inner pages please….you could scan it during your ample working from home time (and it’s a good way to preserve the girls’ work).

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