Who’s Responsible?

Children?  Why do they make things so difficult?  It’s like trying to discuss evolution with a Creationist!

I spent half of this morning arguing with Millie – all triggered by her glasses case being left at school yesterday.  Not her glasses, just the case.

But then, where are her glasses if not in their case…?

ME: Millie, don’t forget your glasses.

Velma lost her glassesMILLIE: I don’t know where they are.

ME: Well, you’ll have to find them, then.


ME: OK, fine; you don’t have to find them if you don’t want to, but you can’t watch TV without them.

MILLIE: But I don’t know where they are!

ME: I know, that’s why we’re looking for them.  If we knew where they are we wouldn’t be looking for them.

MILLIE: But I have looked!

ME: Where have you looked?

MILLIE: There! (points at her dressing table)

ME: Have you looked anywhere else?


ME: Where?


ME: In that case, try looking in some other places.

MILLIE: But I don’t know where they are!

ME: Sigh.  Yes, that’s why we’re looking.  Where did you have them last?

MILLIE: I don’t know!

ME: Well, they’re your glasses, you put them down somewhere, so you need to find them.

MILLIE: But it’s not my fault!

ME: Whose fault is it, then?

MILLIE: It’s not my fault!

ME: They’re YOUR glasses which YOU need to see properly and YOU put them down somewhere which YOU cannot now remember.  Whose fault is it, then?

Millie’s glasses were later found in her coat pocket.  The police are not treating this as suspicious.

Door Left Open at Entrance to Home FoyerFive minutes after this we left the house for school.  Because of the glasses debacle, Millie is last out.  She leaves the back door open.

ME: Millie, can you shut the back door, please?

MILLIE: Ohhh!!  What about everyone else?!

ME: We’re already outside waiting for you.  Can you shut the back door, please?

MILLIE: Amber left it open.

ME: Amber left it open so you could get out.  If she had shut it you’d be moaning about Amber shutting the door.

MILLIE: Well, she left it open.  It’s her fault.

ME: How is it Amber’s fault that you’ve left the back door open?

And again, 30 seconds later – Millie is last out of the back gate and leaves it open.  She shouts to me:

MILLIE: Is anyone going to close the back gate?!

ME: What?  Yes, YOU are!  Shut the damn gate!

(I somehow resist the temptation to add “dickhead!” on the end)

MILLIE: I’m leaving it open for you!

ME: We. Are. Out. Here. Already. Shut. The Damn. Gate. (Dickhead!)


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