What’s the point of it?

This isn’t a negative post, that’s the title of Martin Creed’s art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank.

We paid it a visit at the weekend, and I can assure you the point of it is to have some serious fun!

Half the air in a given space, a large room full of white balloons that you stumble about in, is the obvious star of the show – we spent 15 minutes in there, laughing and shouting and having a whale of a time.  But the other exhibits are all great, too.

There are painting and sculptures and video exhibits – so many different things that I defy you not to find something you love.

But here are two tips:

One, take the lift.  Seriously – take the lift, you’ll love it! 🙂

Two, there’s an outdoor exhibit that warns you it’s for adults only.  Yeah.  It really is. 😛

Face paintOh, and of course, both girls had their faces painted in the South Bank.

But this was proper professional face painting by two ladies who were better than any face painter I’ve ever seen – and as the parent of two young girls, I’ve seen a few!

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