’70s Throwbacks

Freddie Mercury

It being half-term this week, the girls are both staying at my parents’ in Swindon.

I was born and grew up in Swindon, a sleepy, safe little town, where not a great deal happens.

So imagine my surprise when, calling my parents on Skype, my children swam into view looking like the ’80s, ’90 and ’00s never happened!

Millie (aged 8) wore some kind of Freddie Mercury-style, purple velvet, cat-suit, crop-top.

Amber (aged 5) had gold hotpants and a tasseled red top that even ABBA might have balked at!

ABBAIt was the funniest thing ever – especially as Millie kept asking Do you like it?

And the funny thing is, yes, I did!

As Auntie Carla pointed out: They’re your girls, Stu.


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