Amber’s 6th Birthday Party (Family)

New lunchbox

I have never known anyone get so excited about a new lunchbox.  Literally never.

Here’s Amber at the school gates this morning with her new Frozen lunchbox.

Blimey, she loves that lunchbox.  I’d venture to say she loves it almost as much as the Frozen boots she bought last year.  Remember those? 😉

Thanks to everyone who came to Amber’s Family Party on Saturday – it was, of course, lovely to see each and every one of you.  Especially one or two people who really went all out to dress up for the theme “Barbie Princess And The Popstar“.

But biggest thanks has to go to Amber, for showing enthusiasm and excitement above and beyond the call of duty.  On the day of her birthday at roughly 40 minute intervals, she would suddenly stop, smile, give a little squeal and repeat that she couldn’t believe, A, it was her birthday, and B, what incredible presents she’d been given.

She was completely overcome by everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness (and by having a Frozen Lunchbox).

Pink Nick with a chicken on his shoulderOh, and here’s everyone’s favourite image from the party: “Uncle” Nick stood outside in his fancy dress costume with a chicken on his shoulder.

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