One of these things is not like the other

Two pieces of news today, both exciting, but not to everyone in the house.

We’re getting two more ex-battery chickens next weekend, plus, I’ve downloaded a copy of Frozen for the girls to watch (the DVD’s not out yet, but Amber loves this film – and we’ve spent so much money on merchandise that I figure there’s not a court in the land that would convict me!)

Amber sprinted downstairs and gave me a massive hug when the Lovely Melanie broke the news this morning.

AMBER: Millie, Millie, Daddy’s got us a copy of Frozen on the computer!

MILLIE: Meh. That’s nothing, we’re getting two new chickens next week!

AMBER: Meh. Frozen! Frozen! Frozen!

MILLIE: Chickens! Chickens! Chickens!

The two hens we have now (Sergeant Rock and Queen Cool) haven’t laid an egg since November, which is disappointing.  They’re fed and watered every day, get regular delicious kitchen scraps, cleaned out every week, allowed to scratch about in the garden – I’ve even hung a CD in their yard for them to peck!

Short of getting Sky TV in the coop for them there’s no way they could be much better off; but still they won’t lay. 😦

So, I’m hoping the introduction of two new hard-working ex-battery hens will remind them how the old egg production game works.

Suggestions for names are, of course, welcome!

One comment

  1. My girls don’t produce many offerings over the winter months, they are quite old now though. As soon as the days get longer they begin again. Fingers crossed your two will perk up soon! xx


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