School for Squelching

We’re going through an awful lot of washing powder at the moment, mainly thanks to the treacherous conditions in the woods en route to school.

As mentioned previously, there are two routes to school: the slow, clean route or the fast, muddy route.

Bexley Park Woods
The Squelchy Woods

always go for the short, muddy route – it means carrying school shoes in a bag and wearing wellies through the woods, but it’s ten whole minutes quicker.

But every day one child or another will get mud on themselves.  They don’t even need to fall over: just step into the wrong water-filled bootprint and, with a most delicious schlurp!  a geyser of liquid mud will jet high into the air and cover anyone within a couple of metres.

They almost made it clean today.  We got through the squelchy woods, down the slippery slope, across the frosty field, over the icy puddles, up dogshit alley and onto solid pavement…

Which was where Millie kicked her boot off and got mud all up Amber’s tights.

So close… so very close… 😦

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