Flamingo makes it through the night!

Erin the chickenI was woken this morning with an A3-size “grave” from Millie and Amber following the disastrous events of yesterday. It’s kind of nice, if a little over-the-top.

Millie did most of the work, with Amber continuing to offer her own unique brand of consolation: “At least with less chickens they’ll be easier to get back in the coop.”

I think it has the same blend of practical and sympathetic that made her last attempt at consolation so grimly hilarious: “I’m sad that you are gone, but you are dead now. Dave is in the bin.”

Glad to say that Flamingo (so-called because of her habit of standing on one leg) is still alive today.  Despite swearing that she wouldn’t dare check on Flamingo this morning, Millie was out there at the crack of dawn counting chickens.  She was very very pleased to find them all alive.  As was I.

Now, if we can just keep Flamingo alive until the pecking order between her, Sergeant Rock and Queen Cool has been sorted out then we should be OK…


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