A weekend away

It’s been a hectic week, and I’ve been out and about a lot: three consecutive nights spent boozing it up in London and Swindon.

Yeah, I know, right? At my age! (42!)

Thursday night was a long loooong journey across to West London, meeting Conny (my sister-in-law), Stu (her boyfriend – yeah, I know – weird, isn’t it?), her brother, Andreas, visiting from Germany, and her friend, John.

We had tickets to see Rodriguez at the Apollo, which was nice; the sound was a bit “off”, however, so by far the best part of the evening was just catching up and chatting.

I should probably be more annoyed at the sound, especially given the cost of the tickets, but Rodriguez is in his 70s and the gig was fine, so what the hell.  It’s only money.  I was more concerned at only just catching the very last train of the evening back home with barely two minutes to spare – the cost of a taxi ride would have been even more than the price of a Rodriguez ticket!

Friday, I met up with Conny, Stu and Andreas once again, this time in the quieter, nearer and cheaper environs of one of my favourite pubs, The Angel on the river at Rotherhithe.  A whole bunch of other friends came along, too, and we had a lovely evening.

Saturday, Amber and I went to Swindon for my brother’s housewarming party.  Well, not just his – his wife, Carla’s, too. 😛

We would all have gone but Millie had spent weeks looking forward to a sleepover at her friend Ione’s the same night, so someone (i.e., the Lovely Melanie) had to stay in London for that.  Amber got a sleepover at Nanny and Grampy’s with her cousin, Izzy, and I got to go to a great party and catch up with friends I haven’t seen for (in some cases) years!

Everyone was a winner.

It was actually something of a relief to split the girls up for a weekend, as they’ve been bloody arguing incessantly for the past week, to the point where even their own mother lost her temper with them.  The separation seems to have worked because Amber was a pleasure to to travel with – we had a lovely time on the 3 hour journey from our house to Swindon.

And again, on the way back, when both of us were very tired and it could have so easily gone very badly indeed, the whole journey was idyllic – just the two of us chatting and laughing, sleeping, snacking and reading.

It’s what being a Dad  is all about. 😀

And Millie was complimented on her manners and easy-going nature at the sleepover, which was something of a surprise to us, but maybe our girls aren’t quite as argumentative and difficult as we sometimes think…

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