I’m terrible at DIY.  And putting furniture together.  And “doing” the garden.  I can wire a plug but that’s about the limit of my practical skills.

2014-03-30 13.03.26So I tried to ignore the prospect of destroying and creating a bed for Millie at the weekend.  Especially the “destruction” part, because Millie’s bed was a struggle to put together – it weighs a bloody ton and almost defeated the efforts of myself and Simon (a carpenter for 25 years!) to put it together.

Sunday, I imagined, would be a day of sweat and backbreaking toil.  Fruitless bashing with a hammer, broken screws, and Sisyphean sawing at endless yards of indestructible MDF.

There would be blood. 😦

And did I mention that I was already tired and slightly hungover from a cocktail party the night before?

But the bed came apart easily with a screwdriver and a few knocks from a hammer, and it turns out MDF is actually pretty weak – heavy, but weak – and 14 stone of man landing upon it will snap almost any thickness!

And here are the girls safely ensconced in Millie’s new bed, where they spent most of the afternoon.  Millie gave it 10/10 for “nuffly-ness”, but Amber got a bit carried away and went for 100/10.

The book you can see in front of them is Millie And Amber (And Sparkle) And The Lobster King, their last Christmas book – Millie has been re-reading all of them, but particularly this one, which is extremely gratifying. 🙂

Even more gratifying (but a little inconvenient) is that she’s asked me to write her another one for her birthday, in two months.

Guess I’d better get to work, then!


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