New look for Millie

Millie’s room has had a massive makeover – the first for some years.

wpid-20140407_091557_hdr.jpgShe’s going to be nine years old in a few months and the previous look, lovely as it was, was starting to seem a bit baby-ish.  I hope you’ll agree that this room is a lot more grown-up.

The new look is mostly lilac (previously, one wall was yellow, one pink, another green…) which, whilst obviously not a “boy” room, isn’t too “girlie” either.

She also has a bookcase in the corner now, to hold her growing library (previously stacked on the floor) and there’s a little clip-on lamp coming for her to read by in bed. We’ve even gotten rid of a whole bag of cuddly toys (Millie has a terrible weakness for cuddly toys…)!

The massive Sindy house has gone into Amber’s room (to her absolute delight!).  Sparkle the gerbil remains in the same place – but the Lovely Melanie is hoping that the old girl, now nearly four, won’t be with us too much longer.  Sounds mean, I know, but Millie’s not terribly interested in her and she does make a hell of a mess burrowing into her sawdust…

My contribution to the room was to put the bed together – all the other credit goes to the Lovely Melanie, who has spent evenings and weekends patiently coming up with the colour scheme, scouring eBay for furniture and painting everything in sight.  Millie is absolutely over the moon with the new look, which is gratifying, and I’m very impressed, too.

Well done, my clever clever wife!



  1. Izzy was so excited as she noticed on your earlier post re Millie’s new bed that it is indeed the same as her bed! She tells everyone she has the same bed as Millie in a very excited tone, little things please her I have to say! And from this new picture you’ve posted she will also be pleased to see that Millie has the same shelving unit up on the wall at the end of her bed just like she does ! 😉

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