Phablet fan club

The trees are bright with blossoms, the birds are singing, the sun is shining – it can only mean one thing: new ‘phone time here in Bexley!

I’ve had my brilliant, trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for almost two years now – the best phone I’ve ever had, bar none.  Sadly, the screen recently cracked and it just wasn’t as fast as it once was.  Much as it pained me (because I love that phone) I began to think about maybe, possibly, eventually, at some point upgrading.

When the HTC M8 came out I began to seriously wonder if it wasn’t time for an upgrade (something I’d considered when the Note 3 came out, but for the money it wasn’t significantly better than the Note 2).  I even went so far as to visit a mobile shop and ask to have a play with an M8.

Make no mistake, the M8 is a smart, fast and beautiful phone, but the lack of a removable battery put me off.  If I can’t swap the battery out and add extra memory with a microSD card that’s a deal-breaker for me.  I like to carry a lot of music with me, and if my battery dies I want to fix it by sticking a spare in.  Call me Mr Demanding… 😛

While looking at the M8 and thinking hard I noticed another brand-new phone called the LG G Pro 2.

It’s a direct competitor with Samsung’s Note line of “phablets” (phone-tablet hybrids), and bigger than your average phone.  But it’s also thin, lightning-fast and 4G-enabled with an even bigger screen on an almost identically-sized chassis.

Not one, but two LG G Pro 2s

And it looks nice, too (as did the removable battery and microSD!)

Now, people always said to me about my Note 2, “Oh, it’s much too big,” or “It won’t fit in my pocket,” but I use my phone a lot, and do a lot of reading on it – I want a big screen.  Squinting at a small screen is only going to give me a headache (the Pro 2 screen is a frankly incredible 5.9″!)

That’s very large, no question; but since I gave up wearing hotpants it fits in my pocket just fine.  And once you’ve had a phablet for just a few days it’s impossible to go back to a “standard” size phone – it just isn’t big enough.  Even the relatively large Samsung S5 or HTC M8 seem barely adequate, and the 4″ iPhone just looks ridiculous.

I’ve had my LG G Pro 2 for just 48 hours now and am yet to find a single thing I don’t like.  The only problems are as a result of it being so brand-new – there’s no root access yet and no spare batteries available on eBay).  But those will come. 🙂

And for those wondering How does he afford all these new phones?  The answer is, by selling the last of my Sarah Records 7″ singles on eBay.  For £350. 🙂


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