Extreme Easter Holidays

It’s the Easter holidays and everyone’s busy!  Well, last week less so because the girls were away with their grandparents in Hatfield.

But now they’re BACK and things is CRAZY!

To be fair, it’s not just them.  I’ve had a sudden flurry of “going out” – three nights in a row out with friends, for gigs, birthdays, and lectures by SELFS (the South East London Folklore Society).

Three nights on the trot is a lot at my age though.  And there was no let up on Sunday, when I took the girls to the library, to the shops, and then they helped me sort out the front garden in the afternoon.  I dug up weeds and put them in the compost bin; they dug up weeds and put them in pots.  The back garden is now awash with potted daisies, buttercups, and other such things.

Bexleyheath Library, Sunday morning
At the library – very quiet!

“What will a daisy turn into if you pot it?” asked Millie.

“More daisies?” I replied, more than a little perplexed.

We also planted more raspberries out the front on the grass verge that doesn’t technically belong to us, but which we’re slowly annexing.  I’m rather hoping some obscure bye-law will make it our property if we cultivate it for a certain amount of time. 😉

And there was no let-up yesterday.  I had the day off to take care of the girls, although never has the phrase “day off” been less accurate!

In the morning we tried to get Amber back on her bike.  She learned to ride last year but has since lost her confidence and apparently forgotten (giving lie to the old saw that “it’s just like riding a bike…”)  So, when it came time to go to the doctor’s and the shops, she ended up running behind Millie and myself.

To be fair, she did well at keeping up.  But Millie and I were exasperated at having to ride so slowly.  Amber eventually got a stitch on the way back, so I put her on my handlebars and rode slowly and carefully home.  “Don’t tell your mother,” I told them.  And they haven’t.  But I just did.  Bugger.

In the afternoon we went to the Post Office in Sidcup , then down Station Road to go swimming.

Going down the Station Road hill was oddly nostalgic, since Millie and I used to go that way three times a week after dropping Amber at nursery.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and the girls climbed on anything climbable and pretended to be butterflies.

Amber invented a genuinely new stroke when we eventually got to the swimming pool: a rotating combination of front crawl and backstroke.  Is it practical?  Maybe.  Is it novel?  Yes, very!  I’ve christened it “The Corkscrew”.

Swimming with the girls is so much easier now they can both swim even when well out of their depth, and neither of them has the slightest fear of the water.  You can throw them in the air, flip them off floats, and dive down to the bottom – nothing phases them.  They were like a pair of little fishes.

Glad to see all that money spent on swimming lessons hasn’t been wasted!

Today, I’m home alone, working; the girls have gone to visit our friends Ben and Sharon in Lewisham – although, Amber found time for a bit of hair plaiting before they left.

Tomorrow, we’re visiting the Cutty Sark


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