Monsters University!

It’s the current catchphrase in our house at the moment, said in a silly Japanese-American (I think) accent – “Monsters University Toy Surprise”

It’s all thanks to this video, which Amber discovered while scraping the YouTube barrel for anything with the word “Frozen” in the title or keywords.

What is it?  A lady unwrapping a shedload of Kinder Surprise eggs and listing the toys inside, all in a silly Japanese-American (I think) accent.

A certain level of deranged comedy genius becomes apparent if you watch it for more than five minutes (I don’t recommend the full 13 – even Amber hasn’t managed that yet!)

To save you the trouble, Monsters University comes in at about 9 minutes 40 seconds.



  1. Ha ha ! Izzy finds those videos all the time as come up when she watches peppa on u tube I think . She will infact sit and watch a full 16 mins of someone unwrapping kinder eggs, it keeps her happy for ages!!

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