Record Store Day 2014

I took the girls to Berwick Street in Soho yesterday, for Record Store Day 2014.

20140419_132742Without a record player and not being a “collector” the numerous limited edition releases available were of no use to me, but I thought it would be a “Cool Dad” thing to take the girls up there and see lots of people dancing and enjoying music.

We got there just in time to see Edwyn Collins playing (you can probably not quite see him in the background of this pic), which was nice.  Good to hear that he’s got his voice back after the horribly tragic stroke of a few years back.

The queues for all the record shops were massive, however, so we didn’t even try to get in there.  I was half seeking a CD copy of Dylan’s Gospel by The Brothers & Sisters, but it looked easier to get it online, frankly.

And the music at Sounds Of The Universe was pretty damn good (and I was hoping to see some of Illum Sphere‘s 3pm set…), but the girls weren’t really into it so we bought cakes from Berwick Street Market instead. 🙂

We did manage to visit nearby GOSH Comics, where Amber chose a Frozen storybook (of course!) and Millie – more interestingly – opted for a Spiderman All-Ages comic.  I was pleased she chose something I enjoyed at her age, and my fairly up-to-date Marvel knowledge came in useful in identifying all the characters!

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