Phone Photos Follow-up

I try not to talk about phones too much here, because despite my slight obsession with modifying, updating and generally staying ahead of the mobile curve, I know most people aren’t very interested.

But you may recall I recently swapped my trusty, much modified, but by-now-ailing Galaxy Note 2 for a phone so new that you can’t yet buy one outside of the Far East (an LG G Pro 2).

It’s a fantastic device, and many things about it have impressed me, but the camera just continues to surprise!

This picture, for instance.

Snapped outside very quickly at lunchtime, I’m finding it hard to believe this is from a phone and I took the picture!  This is uploaded straight from the phone, completely unretouched.

Images from the weekend’s MozArmy trip, despite being taken in a dark and dingy pub, have also come out clear, sharp and beautiful.


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