Fridge Monolith

Fridges are one of the few household appliances I can’t get excited about replacing.  Fridge technology hasn’t changed much that I can see, and the only mildly exciting fridges on the market are so far out of our price range they may as well be helicopters.

monolithWe do have a brand-new fridge downstairs now, and even though it’s shiny black and looks like the Monolith from 2001 I’m struggling to raise any real enthusiasm about it.

Of course, this isn’t helped by the fact that our “old” fridge had barely three years service on the clock.  But when a fridge goes power mad and starts freezing everything inside it – regardless of whether you put it in the freezer or fridge compartment – then it’s time to move on.

Ever tried to eat a frozen tomato?  Don’t.

And they’re even worse after you thaw them out – a red bag of mush, basically.

We had a nice repair guy come round to take a look.  He opened it up, frowned a bit and went away to have a think.

In the end he told us that a tiny part costing just 50p was broken and couldn’t be replaced because it was “foamed in” when the fridge was made.  Even he sounded a bit annoyed that the whole fridge was now junk because of this – hell, even the guys delivering the new fridge were surprised how not-old our “old” fridge was!

I’d put a photo of the Monolith new fridge on here, but front is so shiny that any pictures just show me taking a picture of myself taking a picture!


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