Fridge wifi router suicide pact!

Our consumer durables tend to break in synch; we’ll be fine for a while, but then stuff will all go simultaneously – like some kind of teen suicide pact.

So we lost the fridge, as you know, but we’ve I’ve also had to sort out the wifi.

Stupid boring old router

The Lovely Melanie is of the opinion that changing ISP (Internet Service Providers) caused the problem (we just switched from IDNet to Xilo, because Xilo offer unlimited broadband and the otherwise excellent IDNet were consistently charging us for too much downloading – but that’s another story).

The Lovely Melanie’s theory does seem plausible, but Xilo customer service have been incredibly helpful and we (eventually) traced the fault to our router (for the non-techies – the box that makes the Internet work; for the techies – a Draytek Vigor 2710n).

Like the fridge, the router’s not very old; unlike the fridge, we bought a pretty expensive one.  Which is annoying because a dirt-cheap £7 replacement from eBay is currently doing our routing – and doing a much better job – which makes me think the expensive router never lived up to expectations.

Streaming videos from our PC to the TV has never worked very well over the past few years – particularly frustrating given the quality of the equipment being used; it’s one of those niggling problems that’s kept me awake at night wondering what I was doing wrong.

Clever exciting new router!

Because that’s the kind of thing that keeps me awake nights – petty but practical problems that seem obvious but just won’t go away.

Anyway, we’re getting an expensive and brightly-coloured new Fritz!Box router next week, which – fingers crossed – will solve everything in one fell swoop.


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