Busy Bank Holiday

How is it even possible to get sunburnt in England in May?  Somehow, the Lovely Melanie and I managed it yesterday, following just a few hours at nearby Foots Cray Meadows.

Amber has a t-shirt tan and Millie never burns, but the grown-ups got properly sunburnt, which seems a little unfair given the leatheriness of our skin compared to theirs.

We had a picnic, blew some bubbles, launched some stomp rockets, paddled in the river, and then went home.  Sunburnt.

Millie and I went to the cinema to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the day before – I was rather tired having been out to see the fantastic Bad Rabbits the night before – I knew nothing about them but agreed to go with my friend Dr Mike.  He knew next to nothing about them, but had read a recommendation somewhere.

We were by far the youngest people at the Borderline when they played, but when the music’s this good who cares, right?  If you can, go see Bad Rabbits live – they’re a bit like Prince when His Purpleness was at his funky best!

Yeah, that good. 🙂

So, er, Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It’s a 12A certificate (meaning no one under 12 unless accompanied by an adult), but Millie was adamant she wanted to see it.  We were a tiny bit concerned that a 12A might be a bit grown up for her but, having seen the first Amazing Spider-Man the day before, thought it was probably OK.

Amber had watched some of Amazing Spider-Man with us, but was sent out after annoying everyone with endless questions about what was going on.  It was obviously too grown up for her.

Personally, I thought Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the best Spider-Man film yet.  Seriously.  I was really surprised and quite moved when…er, something really bad happened towards the end.

And now it’s back to work – although, there is some good news on that front, too, because the new office is predicted to be ready for 26th May.  I won’t be spending all day home alone any more!



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